About Us

Gresscomm CEO held presentation in front of Mr Indonesia President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, several times ago.

GRESScomm is brand of Griya Ekspresi Selaras. We are a professional entity with specialisation in the services media and communication affairs with different types of products and services.

We have three department in the institution, those are Public Relations Department, Publishing Department, and Consultant Department. More completely, we describe in services chapter.

These are our spirit and soul that underlies our work. These are the reason that we have a tagline: Reach Your Goal!

In managing and operating organisation, we have a motto: ‘to create, to educate, to be bright‘. Through creative works, we deliver communication that educate public, in order to achieve the end result, that is brightness.

Supported by high quality and experienced human resources, we offer services concept which is not only emphasizes the quality aspect, but also to make you experience about  what is satisfaction means. Due to your success is the key to our success.

GRESS communication start in the businesses since middle of 2000s in Bali, but we come in national business scope in 2011. We have portfolio project from government, private company, non government organisation, or personal.